2017-11-29 / Veikla

Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub

Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub


Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub LITHUANIA (LS DIH LITHUANIA) is a non-profit association that aims to become a leading life sciences and biotechnology industry digitalisation service centre in Lithuania. With a mission to bridge ICT sector related R&D, big industries and SMEs in life science and biotechnology sectors, LS DIH LITHUANIA is creating one of the biggest integrated science and business campus in Lithuania. LS DIH LITHUANIA focuses on biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, neurobiology, molecular medicine, ICT and clean technologies. These sectors comply with R&D priorities on national level as laid out in Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3), the implementation of which is supported by a number of EU Structural Funds measures. One of the main goals of LS DIH LITHUANIA is to support the growth of innovative projects in health and life science through supporting services and a multidisciplinary approach involving also process and organisational innovations including digital technologies.

LS DIH LITHUANIA provides a one-stop service as well as access to competencies and infrastructure available at North Town Technology Park and Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University. The coordinating organisation, public institution Northtown Technology Park, is acting in developing and implementing national and EU or other grants funded projects such as „Move it forward+”, „InoSpurtas”, „Office Eco Consultant” to support the activities of LS DIH Lithuania. Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub’s partners have participated in many different H2020 projects in areas such as Biotechnology, Health, SMEs and others (more, p. 92).

Vilnius University Life Sciences Center partner of LS DIH LITHUANIA is the biggest integrated life science centre in Lithuania with big scientific potential. Life Science Center provides international level scientific research services and open access to equipment for science, study institutions and businesses from Lithuania and around the world. Vilnius University Open Access Center operates 9 Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine R&D Centers: Center for Biotechnology, Center for Structure of Biomolecules, bioinformatics Center, Center for Plants and Microorganism, genomic Research, laboratory of human Genome Research, Center for Biocatalysis, Center for Proteomics, Center for Biological Models, Center for Molecular Medicine.

LS DIH LITHUANIA focuses on shifting the balance of care from traditional treatment models through the development of digital health and care innovations that focus on prevention, early detection, post event care and independent assisted living. With our unique and valuable range of capabilities combed with core knowledge and expertise built on the foundation of Life Science Center (since 2013), we operate an effective partnership model, bringing together health and care practitioners, industry and academia to collaborate to solve key demand-led challenges.

For the next years LS DIH Lithuania partners will work on the further development of the DIH structure, projects, workshops, tools to support the digitalisation of the SMEs in Lithuania.


In 2017, Lithuanian Government has concluded a national industry‘s competitiveness committee „Pramone 4.0“ to address Industry 4.0 issues on national level, followed by Ministry of Economy launching a coordination group for this matter. The platform seeks competitiveness and the productivity of industry as well as on promoting industry in the integration of digital solutions and new technologies. The platform serves as a venue for active and early stage involvement of major stakeholders (including businesses) at various levels (Commission ‘Pramonė 4.0’, Coordination group, thematic working groups), thus helping to create a strong dialogue between industry, research, education and governmental institutions to anticipate change, adapt to the future needs, propose the most efficient solutions for the digitalisation of industry.

Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub LITHUANIA (LS DIH LITHUANIA) is coordinated by the Northtown Technology Park. LS DIH Lithuania partners: Vilnius University Life Sciences Center, Vilnius City Municipality, Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (BPTI), UAB Sanobiotec, Experimentica Ltd., UAB CasZyme, Institute of Infectious Diseases and Pathogenic Microbiology, UAB Droplet Genomics, UAB Diagnolita, UAB Bioanalizės sistemos, UAB Ubicalc, UAB Inlita.